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Hello contest and sweepstakes surfers.

What is Swweepstakes: 1. a race or other contest for which the prize consists of the stakes contributed by the various competitors. 2. the prize itself. 3. a lottery in which winning tickets are selected at random, each winning-ticket number then being matched to one of the horses nominated for or entered in a specific race, and the amounts paid the winners being determined by the finishing order of the horses that run. 4. lottery ( def 2 ) . 5. any gambling transaction in which each of a number of persons contributes a stake, and the stakes are awarded to one or several winners. What is Contests: 1. a race, conflict, or other competition between rivals, as for a prize. 2. struggle for victory or superiority. 3. strife in argument; dispute; controversy: Their marriage was marred by perpetual contest. verb (used with object) 4. to struggle or fight for, as in battle. 5. to argue against; dispute: to contest a controversial question; to contest a will. 6. to call in question: They contested his right to speak. 7. to contend for in rivalry.

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Todays Featured Contest Surprise

Taste Of Home Easy Entertaining Giveaway Free issue just for entering the contest. Prize (1): a Samsung 65 HDTV, mini beverage center and Omaha Steaks prize package. Winner will be given the option of cash or merchandise. Total ARV for prize is $3299.99

Featured Contests

PHOTO CONTEST Show us how you display your LEGO for the holidays for a chance to win a $500 LEGO Shopping Spree! Enter on BrickLink's official Facebook page or by uploading your photo to Twitter/Instagram with the hashtag #BrickLinkMOC.

Firefly Win a Pillar Oil Candle Gift Set.

AARP You and Your Town Contest Enter for a chance to win a RealPad tablet. One will be given away everyday.

Dr Pepper Sweeps Attention soft drink fans: This could be your lucky day! Take a survey and get entered to win a year's supply of Dr Pepper(R). That's a $1,500 value!

PCH Win a 50,000 dream car.

Pet Food Survey Complete this survey for a chance to win $100 from Womensforum.com

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